City Life Argumentative Essay Topics

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Compare and contrast the advantages of city living and country living. Defend your preference

Nowadays majority of people prefer living in a city. Also this is the well known fact that there are more people in cities than in countries. However, both city living and country living have their benefits.

Those who like living in the city believe that it has a large number of advantages. First, the big offer of the options for spending free time. For instance people can visit various museums, cinemas, and libraries. Second, there are a lot of working places in the city. The biggest companies are located in the cities. Therefore, it is easier for people to find suitable job in a city. Also, people have more variants in choosing career. Third, you can buy whatever you need if you live in a city. In opposite, persons who live in a country , don't have wide choice of shops. Also people are able to use different kinds of services. For example a laundry, a car wash, a beauty salon. In the contrast, there is no any variety of services in a village.

Other people, who live in countries, argue that there are more advantages of living in villages than in cities. First, it is easy to get from one place to another. Because the distances in countries are not as long as in towns. As a result, the commuting to the work is not a problem. Second, people, living in a village, feel themselves in safety. The crime rate in a country is lower than in a city. Third, people, living in a village are more friendly. For example, my cousin lives in a small village for three years. She claims that she has a lot of friends there. Therefore she doesn't consider about moving to the city.

In conclusion, personally, I experienced both living in the small country, where I was born, and living in the big city, where I live now. In my opinion, life in a country is quite and slowly. Therefore, it is more suitable for children and old people. I prefer living in a big city, where I can have a large number of opportunities.

In opposite, persons who live in a country do not have wide choice of shops.
"Do not" "cannot" are better than "don't" "can't", because they are more formal.

Other people, who live in countries, argue that ...
Ummm...It's not a big deal, but I think some people in countries wants to move to big cities, too. So it seems that it lacks accuracy. You may use this sentence instead, "Other people, who prefer the countries..."

In conclusion, personally...
Where is your conclusion? As you stated about the advantages and disadvantages for living in counties and large cities, your conclusion should be something like "In conclusion, whether you live in small countries or large cities, there are merits and drawbacks." Your personal experience cannot conclude what you demonstrated above. It just let people feel irrelevant.

life in a country is quiet and slowly

There are no big problems in your essay. Just pay attention to these small points.

9 Good Ideas For Writing An Essay On Why Living In The City Is Better

Persuasive essay writing is a lot of fun because it allows students to offer and defend a personal opinion using credible supporting evidence from a multitude of sources. It’s a great writing exercise that improves upon a number of skills. One of the more popular topics is explaining why living in the city is better than living anywhere else. Here are 9 really good sub-topics worth considering:

  1. Living in urban areas bring you closer to a mixture of cultures and sub-cultures, thus broadening your mental horizons and making you more tolerable to the differences in people from different parts of the world.

  2. Residing in a large city provides greater educational and healthy-living opportunities that are otherwise limited in rural areas because of economic and societal factors, thus making city living essential for professional and personal growth.

  3. For people who have had a hard time dating or meeting a companion, city life offers more options when it comes to finding a person who may fit the specific criteria a person looking for a relationship prefers.

  4. Urban living often incorporates several neighborhoods that collectively create a large city. But each neighborhood offers most of the amenities one needs to enjoy daily life without having to drive for miles.

  5. Urban areas offer a greater cultural mixing pot when it comes to the arts, thus exposing people to wider pool of thoughts and ideas that may work to further a city’s cultural center.

  6. City living is better because national governments are more willing to pour monetary or political support when these places suffer economically or in other ways that could hurt the nation as a whole.

  7. There are more opportunities for easy traveling within a large urban setting than there are in rural areas where not having a vehicle could mean having to walk miles before arriving at a place that offers public transportation.

  8. Cities are planned and developed to survive and handle natural disasters, while urban areas can suffer greater damages and receive less timely response and relief, making cities much safer in times of crisis.

  9. There are more chances of professional upward mobility in large metropolitan areas than there are in small towns where citizens are more concerned about retaining quaint features. Thus a person wishing to move up in the world would have a greater chance to do so in a city.

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