Research Paper Summary Of Findings Conclusions


Summary of Findings

1.Profile of the primigravida on:The profile of respondents was derived from the selected variables1.1AgeThe largest group of the primigravida women was found on the age bracket of 20 years old and above with a frequency of 17. or a percentage of 56.67%.1.2Educational AttainmentThe largest group was high school graduate with a frequency of 21 or percentage of 70.00%.


Level of awareness on pregnancy induced hypertensionThe level of awareness of primigravida on pregnancy-inducedhypertension was derived form the selected variables: Causes, Signs andSymptoms, Complications, and Preventive MeasureThe primigravida’s awareness on pregnancy induced hypertension incauses, and signs and symptoms is “moderately aware” with a weighted mean of 3.34 and 3.18 respectively. Complication and preventive measures,primigravida’s awareness on pregnancy induced hypertension is “much aware”with a weighted mean of 3.96 and 3.66 respectively.3.Practices of primigravida on pregnancy induced hypertensionThe practices of primigravida on pregnancy induced hypertension wasderived from the selected variables: Exercise and Rest, Diet, Habits, and Pre-natal check up


1. Bias. Business establishments, agencies, or organizations usually present or manipulate figures to their favor. For instance, an advertisement may quote statistics to show that a given product is superior to any other leading brand. We should be wary of the use of statistics in this case because of the obvious

profit motive behind. An individual may also do the same. A respondent to a questionnaire or in an interview may commit the same bias o protect his own interests. Like the case of the science teachers in the high schools of Province A, they may respond that the science facilities in their respective schools are adequate although they are not just to protect the good names of their own

schools. A respondent, if asked how many science books he has read, may say that he has read many although he has read only a few to protect his name. Hence, if there is a way of checking the veracity of presented data by investigation, observation, or otherwise, this should be done to insure the accuracy of the conclusion based upon the data under consideration.

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